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Does HR have a future? What needs to transform to keep HR relevant?

May 29, 2017  By Tony Buon, Senior Consultant to AZTech

Human Resource Management is at a crossroads. For the past twenty years, HR has increasingly found a seat at the Board Table and has gained substantial financing and power. However, the return on investment (ROI) has not always been evident. In fact, many organizations are now outsourcing some of their core HR functions. Others are… Read More

Beating Your Comfort Zone, Welcoming More Risks

May 23, 2017  By Steve Hennessy, Senior Consultant to AZTech

  Benefits of being motivated to have bigger dreams Imagine standing on top of a large skyscraper. In front of you is a long metal beam stretching across the vast drop below and resting on the opposite skyscraper across the street. As you peer down you see the cars below look like tiny ants and… Read More

Scenario Planning in the Oil and Gas Industry

May 14, 2017  By Paul de Ruijter, Senior Consultant to AZTech

The oil and gas industry has experienced a decade of extreme price volatility, unheard of technological disruptions and changing geopolitical landscapes. Technologies in horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing and ultra-deep-water have disrupted the oil and gas industry. This has opened new potential markets and drastically influenced prices. The reverse is also true, price changes have created… Read More


Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions

May 1, 2017  By Neil Farnworth, Senior AZTech Consultant

Business, and life for that matter, is really a succession of negotiations from the moment we are awake until we go to bed at night and the ability to be able to negotiate effectively is a critical competency for many people. An effective negotiator will draw upon a range of communication and interpersonal skills as… Read More

It’s Time to Change

April 2, 2017  By Bill Carpenter, Senior AZTech Consultant

There has never been a more important time for organisations of every kind to embrace change proactively. For organisations with customers, that’s often driven by the customers’ changing needs and expectations. For all organisations, it may be related to the constant movement of political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors, amongst other things. An… Read More

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