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Mastering Management Essentials; Another Successful Week Reaches its Close in London

October 17, 2019  Dr. Rod Linter, Senior AZTech Consultant

This AZTech programme seeks to equip the manager, with the knowledge, tools and techniques that ensure successful outcomes and boost confidence in the role.  There is no doubt that the task of management becomes increasingly complex as organisations strive to meet the challengers of the 21st century. Utilising a psychological approach to understanding the the… Read More

How Successful are your Planning, Organising and Delegating Skills?

October 8, 2019  John Smart, Senior AZTech Consultant

Last September, a group of delegates completed the highly popular ‘Successful Planning, Organising and Delegating: Enhance Planning Skills, Manage Resources and Improve Work Behaviours’ course in London.  They left the course with a deeper understanding, as well as powerful practical interpersonal skills, of how to lead and manage in this important area. But, why is… Read More

Why do systems and equipment fail?

September 29, 2019  

In this training course about Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects, we share best practices from High Reliability Organizations (HROs) with respect to both excellence and safety.  HRO is a term that refers to industries such as oil and gas, process, nuclear and aviation, where they possess a high degree of… Read More

Leading Your People to the Optimum Decision

September 5, 2019  John Smart, Senior AZTech Consultant

Do you feel stressed when faced with making a decision that could impact you and your team? Have you made a wrong decision in the workplace, that has had wider implications?  Do you look back on your decisions and wish you had been better informed, or had a better method to ensure the right decision… Read More

Safety Measures and Hazard Control

July 23, 2019  Nicholas Ross-Clunis, Senior AZTech Consultant

The course Safety Measures and Hazard Control identifies and analyses a number of core issues that are fundamental in Safety. Amongst these are the Principles of Control and Prevention. No one set of ideas or actions can keep the workforce safe. The control of hazards requires a variety of measures including Technical, Procedural and Behavioural;… Read More

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